3 Types Of People…

Question: If there are really just three types of people in the world, how would you describe each type?

Answer: Although most of us are unaware of it, we have a unique Human purpose “assigned” to us in Nature’s intelligent, predetermined evolutionary plan.

Thus our life is not just a chain of random, accidental frames of a movie, where we play hapless acting roles in between involuntary birth and (mostly) involuntary death.

If we want we can learn the script of the movie and start rehearsing our part until we not only know exactly what and why we have to play in this “cosmic” movie, but by the “Happy End” we feel as if we ourselves wrote the script and directed the whole movie.

So the 3 types of people are as follows:

  1. Instinctive “Humanoids”, blindly stumbling from one random event to another, automatically chasing the instinctive desires (food, sex, family, wealth, power, knowledge) and their fulfillment as they come, struggling with a day to day, year to year survival until the inevitable end. This group still contains most of Humanity.
  2. People who can’t suppress, ignore the disturbing question about the “meaning of life”< thus they already start searching for such a meaning, try to locate a true, overall purpose, goal for themselves and as long as they can’t find it they become increasingly restless, frustrated, depressed. This group is growing from one day to another as a result of the self-destructive, “zero” society we created, without any true moral, Humane values, without any true aim or purpose.
  3. People who already found an appropriate, practical educational method that can give them the suitable tools, and the “laboratory-like” Human environment where through special, mutually supportive and mutually complementing work people can learn about and fulfill their Human role in the system. And as soon as they collect experience they immediately pass it onto others. These people will become the “benevolent head”, “instructors” of the next Human generation where masses of people will leave the 1st group, go through the 2nd group quickly until everybody will merge into the 3rd group of people.

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