The Oppressive Dogma Of Political Correctness

Question: What would the most politically correct person be like? Would they be nice? It seems like PC people aren’t usually the nicest or happiest.

Answer: When one is forced into an unnatural, artificial, pretense state all the time, one cannot be “nice”.

Moreover in order to keep such an artificial state alive one has to gradually become obsessive, dogmatic, oppressive, otherwise it’s impossible to sustain the artificial facade as the natural truth wants to break through.

This is what we have witnessed all through Human history how such illusory, oppressive ideologies -regardless of how, from which side of the spectrum they started – rose, then became dogmatic, oppressive, violent, self-destructive and finally disappeared.

Today we can watch how the “pseudo-liberal, pseudo-democratic” Western society is going through the same process in a very fast, sharp manner.

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