Learning How To Receive Infinite Pleasures

Question: Does the pursuit of pleasure give you a good life?

Answer: Not until now. The more pleasures I tried to accumulate, grab for myself, the emptier, less satisfied I felt, feel myself.

And judging by what I see around the world in others – the general emptiness, depression spreading like plague despite seemingly having everything we want – most of us go through the same experience.

This is all purposeful by natural evolution. Although our Human purpose in life is to acquire infinite fulfillment, endless pleasures, contentment, first we have to learn how this is possible.

Our inherently limited, egotistic, selfish, subjective desires, vessels are unable to collect and contain the truly infinite, unimaginable pleasures that surround us even now.

Only when we draw and receive pleasures for each other’s sake in a unique mutual arrangement, can we endlessly flow, pass on and thus taste infinite pleasures, contentment.

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