Verified Epiphany

Question: Have you ever had a moment that felt like a major awakening/epiphany? What was it and did you know it right in the moment or was it later on? How did it make you feel?

Answer: Yes I did have such moments. They are moments when suddenly I break out from the very limited and distorted “usual” egocentric and subjective perception, as if falling into a very different unlimited, perfect, objective vision of the world which feels “true”.

When it happens I know very sharply, tangibly that it happened, as the original, limited, distorted viewpoint doesn’t disappear. The new “vision” appears above, against it.

The “old”, subjective view lends validity to the new one thanks to the contrast, comparative research opportunity.

This new awakening, “vision” is achieved through consistent, methodical efforts to dissolve into, disappear in the needs, desires, viewpoints of others in a special, purposeful environment.

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