Going Beyond…

Question: Should I always try even I know I will fail or don’t know how that will end, or I should forget about some things?

Answer: On one hand we need to keep trying, even if by “common sense” it’s a mission impossible, that we will surely fail.

Only by constantly probing, reaching the limits of our ability can we grow, extend beyond our inherent self.

On the other hand we can’t go beyond our instinctive, personal limits by ourselves. After all one can’t lift oneself by pulling one’s own hair.

Moreover by ourselves we would only pursue instinctive, subjective, personal goals, never actually aiming at something truly high, worthy to achieve.

Thus in order to aim for and be successful in reaching “impossible goals” that can lift is above ourselves, pull us being the walls of common sense, logic, we need a unique, mutually supportive, mutually complementing environment.

There we can use our inherent attributes of envy, desire for respect, always wanting more to our advantage, pulling, pushing ourselves towards “unknown frontiers”…

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