Success Through Trusting Others Instead Of Trusting Ourselves

Question: How can I learn to stop second guessing my instincts and learn to trust in myself?

Answer: I apologize in advance for answering contrary to what you expect.

I think we need to learn not to trust our instincts, not to trust our own mind and logic, and to completely place ourselves into the hands of a special, closed, purposeful environment that operates on very precise principles of mutual trust, mutually supportive and mutually complementing cooperation.

The reason is that our own instincts, our own mind and logic is completely self-centered, self-justifying and subjective, and as a result we can’t get a true, objective picture of reality around us. Thus “following our instincts” means blindly stumbling around in a reality we have absolutely no idea about.

Only when we rise above our own mind, logic and instincts and we accept the “collective mind”, “collective intelligence” of the above mentioned environment can we receive a correct, objective view of the world. Only through this collective, objective viewpoint, “special window to true reality” can we be certain that we will succeed in our efforts.

I know that all this goes completely against our inherent thinking, against our upbringing and education. After all our whole world, our upbringing and education is also built on the same misguided, self-centered, self-justifying and subjective mind that has been ruling over us so far. This is why we are in a deepening, unsolvable crisis, sleepwalking towards a global catastrophe.

Thus we have to build a completely new Human paradigm on the selfless, collective mind, intelligence only the above mentioned purposeful environment can give us.

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