Crazy True Love

Question: What is the craziest thing someone did to you that changed your life?

Answer: The craziest thing someone did to me, changing my life, was showing me “true love”.

True love is very different from the usual “fish love” we use in “normal life”. Normally we love something, someone that “tastes good for us”, we can only “love” when we ourselves also receive pleasure from “loving”.

True love is a state when the “lover” selflessly “enters” the loved one, sensing all the needs, desires, aspirations of the “loved” one, making 100% unconditional efforts to help the “loved one” fulfill all those needs, desires, aspirations, while the “”lover” does not distort, withhold anything based on selfish calculations. In “true love” the “lover” completely, unconditionally disappears in the “loved one”, and exists only in order to serve.

When one starts sensing such a perfect, true love from someone else, this “loved one” can’t remain within the inherent, original self-love, self-protection, self-justification. True love inevitably washes out a person from the selfish, subjective cocoon, initiating a chain reaction when the “loved one” also becomes a “true lover”, inevitably reciprocating the true love.

There is no more fundamental life change than that!

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