The Unexpected Reward Of Collective Intelligence

Question: What’s the most rewarding thing you’ve found in life without looking for it?

Answer: Such an unexpected “reward” is called “extra”, or a “coefficient” when as a result of the combination of known elements, actions an unexpected “all-inclusive” plus appears.

Such an “all-inclusive” extra or coefficient for example is our Human consciousness, sense of existence that results from the seemingly mundane, mutually responsible, mutually complementing unity, cooperation of the cells, organs and microbiome that make up our ”biological being”.

A similar “extra” is a new sense we receive when we start acting artificially, mimicking, copying the actions of another person, or personality – like method actors for example – and as a result we start sensing, feeling, tasting what life is like for the other, how it actually feels to be that specific personality. Of course this “impersonation” has to be very thorough, precise, complete, dressing out of “our self” in order to “dress into that other”, in order to start seeing the world through the eye of that “other”.

The most incredible, unexpected “extra”, reward, coefficient happens when in a unique, closed, purposeful environment we start “method acting” as if we were all individual cells, organs of a single organism. As we artificially build “mutual guarantee” – that is Nature’s instinctive state in order to keep balance, homeostasis – against our inherently selfish, egoistic, subjective and distrusting nature, after a certain amount of effort we suddenly start sensing a new, collective mind and circulation filling us that we never sensed before.

This new collective mind, mutual information flow, circulation in the unique mutual connections is not “ours”, it does not belong to either of us. It is Nature’s “circle of life”, all encompassing life giving force flooding, permeating our connections as we achieved similarity to Nature’s prevalent, original network.

To sense, reach this reward is our Human purpose in life.

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