Reprogramming Ourselves

Question: When people justify their position by saying, “that’s just the way I was raised” are they declaring that they have failed to overcome their parents’ indoctrination and struggle to form their own opinions about the world?

Answer: Basically you are right. Upbringing, education is a very strong part of the factors making up our personality.

We can say that an adult Human being is build from 4 factors: genetic inheritance, upbringing, education and the actual environment one exist in.

Which means that in adult life the only free choice we have in order to change our values, aspirations, goals in life is choosing the environment we settle in, we mutually support, strengthen.

Thus those who claim they can’t “shake off” their upbringing probably still receive their “upload” from the same environment they were raised on, or they haven’t yet find a new environment which could provide them with new values, aspirations, goals in life.

Only in the right, purposeful environment can we successfully change, “reprogram” ourselves, and become a better version of who we are.

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