Rising Above “Gut Feeling”…

Question: Do you think it is wise to always trust your gut feeling? And why or why not?

Answer: Our “gut feeling” represents our instinctive, “animate” survival reflex. It is supposed to serve us only in the “wild”, where individual, personal survival is necessary.

But this instinctive “gut feeling” is actually working against us in a Human society, where collective, mutual survival, progress, development should develop.

Unfortunately up to this point in history we remained at the level of the “gut feeling”. And since at the same time we evolved into a globally integrated, fully interdependent system, where we can’t isolate ourselves, disconnect from each other and longer, thus our “gut feeling” had turned self-destructive.

As a result for the first time in Human history we stands at crossroads, we are forced to learn how to rise above the instinctive, individual “gut feeling” in order to start uniting, working together in mutually responsible, mutually complementing manner in order to survive as “Humans”.

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