Beyond Nietzsche…

Question: What did Nietzsche mean by the transvaluation of values?

Answer: First of all I have to admit, that before seeing this question I had no idea about Nietzsche’s philosophy, and his idea about the “value system”.

So by reading the other answers and some other sources in the Internet I have already learned quite a lot.

It seems that he rejected an artificially imposed, “higher value system” in favour of establishing Human behaviour, digital values based on our actual Human nature.

Since we exist in a Natural system his views definitely seem more local than a vague system that is based on “blind belief”, or values, morals that is unachievable without coercion forced education since it is against our inherent nature.

On the other hand since our inherent nature is 100% selfish, hateful and greedy, when this Human ego is uncontrolled, not channeled by a certain “imposed value system” we behave like cancer and inevitably self-destruct as we can clearly observe today.

The only solution is willingly adopting Nature’s higher “value/moral” system, accepting is qualities of selfless, unconditionally loving, serving mutual integration (based on the symbolic but scientific principle of “love others as yourself”)

But time imposing a “higher value” system not based in blind faith, coercion, but through free, voluntary education that is based on scientific facts, positive motivation, practical implementation that provides immediate, repeatable, measureable emotional impressions.

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