Learning How To Speak Freely

Question: How important is freedom of speech in a healthy society?

Answer: Obviously it is extremely important.

But free speech doesn’t mean that we just shout, preach like politicians or people in London’s Hyde Park.

It also doesn’t mean the popular debating style when opponents try to defeat, humiliate, convince each other, proving their own right over the failure of others.

In order to benefit from free speech we need to learn how to speak, how to debate, discuss issues.

We need to channel our own opinions through the unique “round method” of the workshop, round table discussion that is channeled, moderated properly.

Then the very diverse, even opposing opinions can integrate, producing a unique, collective, mutual solution, opinion, that didn’t exist in any of the participants before, but it is built on a higher level, above them, pulling them above their original, egotistic, subjective mindset.

In a healthy, truly progressive society we have to get used to conduct all discussions, “free speech” through this method.

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