Changing Values

Question: When did you realize that the things that you used to value were actually unimportant to you now?

Answer: We can perceive only by comparison. In order to see something less valuable than in was before, we need to see something more valuable against it.

As they say the “big fish eats the small fish”, a greater more attractive pleasure, desire consumes all previous, smaller, less attractive ones.

It is our environment which provides or values, goals, attractions, desires, so it depends on our actual environment what new values replace which old ones.

It is worthwhile to choose the right environment, so we don’t just blindly follow fashion, bandwagon as the usual public does, but we purposefully, directly prices towards worthy, truly Human values, goals.

Then we can change our present values of aimless consumerism, accepting empty, cheap “circus & bread” entertainment to values leading to revealing our meaning, purpose in life.

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