Would You Disconnect From The Matrix?

Question: If you found out you were living in a simulation, would you attempt to break out to your base reality? Classic blue pill-red pill?

Answer: Wouldn’t you?

If someone told you that it’s ok that you got used to this life, and more or less you are comfortable, or at least you can convince yourself that you are comfortable;

but there is actually a qualitatively much higher, greater dimension of reality which you could access. Would you settle with your imaginary reality without exploring that other one, whether it’s true or not?!

Moreover we don’t have a choice!

Nature’s evolutionary plan expect us, demands from us to start disconnecting from the illusory “Matrix” and explore “true reality”. And if we don’t do it proactively, consciously, we will be forced by increasing crisis, intolerable suffering that develops in the simulator.

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