Difference Between Animals And Human

Question: There is a Fundamental difference between animal and humans?

Answer: At this stage there is no difference at all. We can say that we are the “most sophisticated animals” as while we are also 100% instinctive, blindly executing hormonal or learnt desires – imprinted in us by our environment – how we care for our lodging, nutrition, offspring, organizing society is at a higher (?) level, than in the case of other animals.

On the other hand we can also say that we are worse than other animals, since no animal – that is instinctively integrated, embedded into Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent system – is purposefully harming other creatures or the system itself. Animals only consume what they need for natural survival, they only kill when their survival depends on it.

Thus one difference between Humans and animals is the self-destructive, cancerous Human ego.

Our true Human superiority is in our potential ability to learn how to rise above our inherently egotistic, subjective, self-destructive nature, in order to learn the complete evolutionary plan of Nature, our own unique “truly Human” role, purpose in it, and then fulfill that role by purposefully changing our inherent “operating software”.

In this above-instinct, properly educated “truly Human” form we will become “Crowns of Creation”, a living creature that partners Nature in full attainment of the systems “Theory of Everything”, guiding the system towards the most optimal, balanced state.

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