Improving Our Luck

Question: Why is the luck life better?

Answer: I tried to search the expression “luck life” and I found only an anime series and a Japanese high school band.

So I assume you refer to a life that depends on luck, rather than depending on conscious, purposeful cause and effect processes.

I understand you, as it seems that the more effort we exert, the less success, progress we make in our lives, while sometimes “without reason” we get lucky and succeed even if we seemingly did not make any real effort (other than buying a lottery ticket perhaps…).

But in truth there is no such thing as “luck”, there are no “miracles”. We live in a closed, fully deterministic and lawful Natural system. Everything works according to very precise, “unbending” Natural laws.

We consider something lucky, or miraculous when we are still not aware of the system’s laws, and we still can’t see the clear cause and effect processes behind everything that happens.

If we want to progress, succeed in life in a guaranteed manner, if we want to “improve our luck”, we would first need to study the system in its completeness until we attain Nature’s complete evolutionary plan with all of its cause and effect processes.

Then we will also find, understand our own, unique and predetermined role in the system. And by optimally fulfilling our “cogwheel” role we can turn a random, mostly unsuccessful life into a 100% “lucky” one.

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