Breaking The Vicious Cycle Of Mutual Hate

Question: What has occurred in your lifetime that you hoped would never happen? Do you have hope things will get better, especially for younger generations?

Answer: I – as probably most of us – was hoping, that after the unimaginable terrors, destruction of the Second World War we would not see Nazism, fascism, anti-Semitism appear on the world-stage again.

But here we are, hardly 70–80 years after those horrors and Nazism, fascism and anti-Semitism are spreading not only in select countries but all over the world, reaching higher levels than in the 1930’s.

We are proving to ourselves that we indeed cannot learn from history. Our inherently selfish, hateful and greedy nature drives us to commit the same mistakes, sins, to fall into the same traps again and again, but with increasing severity, destructive force.

We all urgently need to wake up, snap out of this blind, instinctive development in order to “derail” Human history, evolution from this self-destructive path leading to inevitable, total meltdown.

The Jewish people, who once managed to build their Nation on a unique, “supernatural” – above and against the instinctive egoism – unity, mutual responsibility, need to revive their special “Jewish survival method”.

Only when they show a”shining positive example” through their own unity above vast differences, despite the mutual “unfounded hatred”- that caused their recurring threat of being exterminated through history – can Humanity start solving problems and survive!

Without this special method we simply can’t break free from the instinctive mutual distrust, rejection our ego is inciting between us.

As a “positive side effect” this is the only solution for anti-semitism, as this positive leadership would turn doubters, enemies, haters into respectful supporters, followers.

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