A Guaranteed Future, By Learning And Adapting To Evolution’s Plan

Question: Do you have faith in the future?

Answer: Yes I do. More precisely I know that in Natural evolution’s overall, unchanging plan Humanity has a very unique, positive, “leadership” role.

The question – and our only free choice – is about how we reach our obligatory role, purpose in Nature’s predetermined and “lawful” system.

We can continue living instinctively, according to our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, proudly individualistic and subjective nature, and then we will have to wait for deepening crisis, social upheavals wars, increasing, intolerable suffering – that have already started developing – to force us to find out this role and adapt ourselves to it.

Or we can wisely, consciously, proactively research the plan, find out and fulfill our role by changing, upgrading our nature through the right, purposeful, practical educational method. And such a method is ready and available.

I have faith in Humanity’s wisdom, that we will choose the positive, pleasant path together.

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