Hopeful Recognition

Question: What do you find hopeful about the world today?

Answer: What I find hopeful about the world today is that finally we started to recognize that the root cause behind all of the mounting, global problems we are suffering from is our own, inherently self-serving, self-justifying, subjective and egotistic nature, that drives all of us.

This is extremely important since we can treat, correct problems only when we have already recognized their root cause. So far we have been applying blind, superficial, symptomatic treatment through politics, economics, social ideology or military action, and all of those “solutions” only made everything much worse.

Now that we finally know what ails us, we can start the actual, purposeful treatment through a unique, purposeful and practical educational method, that can help us changing, upgrading our inherent nature.

Then the improved, upgraded Human being will be able to rebuild Human society for the better.

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