The Best Preparation For Coming Global Problems

Question: Even though you don’t consider yourself a “prepper,” are there still things you try to remain supplied and ready for?

Answer: We all have to prepare for the collapse of our civilization which is already under way. We do not want to see the obvious, like we have been “expecting climate change for years” when we are already deeply into it.

Our previous egotistic development – existing through ruthless, exclusive competition, succeeding at the expense of others – has exhausted itself. In the globally integrated and interdependent world we evolved into – which is not man-made but an evolutionary necessity – our inherently egocentric, selfish, greedy and subjective nature has become like cancer.

It does not matter what we accumulate in our garages, sheds, what precautions we make, if we do not change the root cause – which is our own nature – then with all our preparations we will look like one who tries to fend of a tsunami on a small island with a single umbrella.

Thus the preparation we really need to be doing is starting a unique, purposeful and practical educational program that can help us rise above our instinctive, egoistic behavior so we could build the crucially necessary unity, mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation our survival depends on.

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