Afterlife In This Life

Question: What is the difference between living for this life and living for the life after one dies?

Answer: It completely depends on the person’s worldview, one’s level of consciousness, precondition of reality.

There are secular people who don’t believe in an “afterlife” so they try to maximize their potential in “this life” as long as they can.

There are others who believe in an “afterlife” – although they have no proof of its existence – and make huge efforts to secure a “good place” in that afterlife, most of the time ignoring, dismissing, sacrificing “this, limited, sinful life” for the hoped for pure eternity.

And there are those who – through a unique purposeful and practical educational method – acquire the ability to tangibly, practically sense “the next world” – a limitless, eternal consciousness, perception of reality – while still living in their original biological bodies. They can fulfill themselves and enjoy life both “in this world” and in “the next world”.

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