Above Reason – With Eyes Closed

Question: Why do you believe in something you can’t see?

Answer: “Faith” – believing in something we can’t see, tangibly perceive is “programmed in us” by Nature’s evolution.

Humans are the only creatures that can become conscious about their own development, evolution. This is why we have this “inbuilt” yearning, need for states we do not have, we can’t perceive, states that look impossible, “out of reach” from our present point of view.

Our next, finally conscious phase of Human development is a step, higher level we can’t comprehend, imagine from our present point of view, as it offers a completely different consciousness, perception compared to our present, inherent one.

We have been “suspecting”, awaiting this next state from the very beginning, and how we relate to it is categorized in 3 different forms of “faith”.

  1. Faith below reason. This is usual faith, or religious belief, when we believe in something we do not actually plan to research or find, we are content to blindly believe in something even if it contradicts our “common sense”, actual consciousness, perception.
  2. Faith within reason. This is the usual, secular, scientific, mint believes only what one’s eyes see, what one’s hands can touch, what one’s actual mind, logic can grasp. The “only” problem with this “faith” is that our inherent mind, logic, our whole perception is egocentric, subjective, providing a very limited and distorted picture of reality.
  3. Faith above reason. This is the kind of faith we have to develop, start practicing from now on, in order to start consciously rising on the following developmental steps evolution has in store for us. This “faith” means picturing, play-acting, practicing a state we have no knowledge, precedent, comprehension about, a state that is beyond our actual perception and “computing abilities”. But with the effort – which we do in unique, mutually supportive, mutually complementing groups, mutually together – we force the “hands of nature’s evolution”, so it applies the necessary evolutionary upgrade not “in its time”, instinctively as usual, but by our own conscious request. Thus we can hasten our evolution and go through the changes fully aware, already anticipating, expecting the next states. Of course when those states come “our minds are blown” since we will feel as if we went through a complete “brain and heart transplant” as the new states will be incomprehensible to our previous “common sense”. Thus from the previous consciousness, perception point of view they seem like “faith”, but on the next developmental level they become our normal “common sense” until we move onto the next state…

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