The Science We Need

Question: Which branch of science is most important for the survival of society?

Answer: As we are helplessly sinking into a deepening, seemingly unsolvable global crisis – which affects all levels of Human activity – this questions is more pertinent than ever.

It has become clear that political, economic, social or military means are unable to offer solutions, as each new “solution” just plunges us even deeper into crisis.

We also see that most accepted, classical sciences have reached a wall they cannot move beyond, and as a result they are becoming “theoretical”, unable to offer any practical solutions (not to mention that most sciences have become “sponsored”, biased, serving certain ideologies, purpose, distorting even the limited results, findings).

Thus we urgently need a science – which actually has been around for thousands of year – which can help us understand the Natural system we exist in in its totality, which can open the true “theory of everything”, helping us to understand Nature’s plan of evolution from start to finish.

But there is a very important condition. This science can be used only by an “upgraded observer”, one that can rise above the inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egoistic and subjective view point, acquiring the ability to see the world selflessly, objectively.

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