A Human With Soul

Question: Why do we consider ourselves humans if scriptures tell us we are the spirit/soul?

Answer: First of all “scriptures” usually talk about a final, perfect evolutionary form which we have to actively, conscious

reach, but this is not our default, instinctive state most of us are still in.

Besides I think there is a problem with the definitions of “Human” and ‘soul”.

I am sorry to say, but in our inherent state we are neither “Human” nor do we have a “soul”. The “truly Human” being is one that has already acquired a “soul” through a purposeful, proactive process.

The “soul” is a unique sensory organ, “sixth” sense, that allows us to start tangibly, realistically perceive a layer, dimension of reality we can’t sense at the moment.

As we are born with an instinctively selfish, egoistic, subjective nature we see a very limited, distorted morsel of “total reality”. We need to clothe this “egoistic animal” into unique, selfless and altruistic intentions, which acquires similarity with Nature’s “godly qualities” of altruistic, unconditional love and service.

The new, selfless, altruistic intentions we dress all our thoughts, actions into is the “soul” which makes us able to attain, sense, “taste” Nature’s perfect system through similarity – like a radio receiver that is tuned to the right frequency.

A “Human” is the being that has become similar (in Hebrew Human – Adam originates form the expression “similar”).

Authentic “scriptures” talk about this “Human with a soul”, and also give us the purposeful, practical method on how to reach this “truly Human” state here and now.

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