Evolutionary Software Patch

Question: If we could run a patch update as you do with software, to fix a design flaw in the human body, what would you fix?

Answer: Actually this is exactly what we are supposed to do, to run a software patch to upgrade ourselves in order to integrate ourselves into Nature’s perfect, cosmic network.

This upgrade doesn’t relate to our biological body, but it relates to our original operating software that determines our calculations, decision making, connection building with each other and with Nature’s system.

Natural evolution purposefully “released us into production” with a “beta software”, which is raw: fully egoistic, hateful and greedy. This way we can’t connect to each other, all our calculations, decisions are for the sake of the selfish ego.

Thus by default we are as destructive, self-destructive as cancer. When we recognize this in the 11th hour – in our generation sinking into unsolvable multi-layered crisis – we can finally start the last, conscious Human development, seeking for and applying the necessary evolutionary software patch.

This means covering the original egoistic software with new, selfless, altruistic intentions with the help of a unique, purposeful and practical educational “self-upgrade” method.

This conscious, proactive self-upgrade makes us truly Humans, “Crowns of Creation/evolution”

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