Hard Fought Peace

Question: Will human nature allow us to ever come together in peace?

Answer: No, our inherently selfish, egoistic, hateful and greedy Human nature will never allow us to come together in peace. Thus as long as we remain within our “instinctive mode/original software” we have no hope.

On the other hand Human beings are born with a unique ability of critical self-analysis, we have the “supernatural” ability to initiate fundamentally changes in ourselves.

We can – through the right, purposeful method in the right “laboratory like environment” – actually “hack into” evolution’s plan and force natural evolution – that gave us this egoistic, hateful nature – to provide us with a special upgrade.

Then this upgrade – allowing us to act above, despite our initial program – can facilitate building sustainable unity, forging and maintaining mutually complementing and mutually responsible connections, cooperation in between us.

This is not going to be a “hippy” or “Hollywood-style” love and friendship, placing flowers into barrels of guns, riding together into sunset. It will be a very unique tense, fragile “brotherhood” where the initial nature, the inherent distrust, rejection will remain, but still above it, despite of it we can hold onto the connections, unity through the “special evolutionary upgrade”.

And it is this tense peace, the tension in between two opposite natures, it is the contrast that will give us a new, unprecedented, qualitatively much higher consciousness, perception and life experience.

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