Finding Our Cogwheel Role In The System

Question: What is the purpose of living life in the 21st century?

Answer: It is the same as it has always been: finding our unique Human “cogwheel role” in natural reality’s cosmic system as defined by evolution. But now we have received the actual, practical free choice of changing our development from a blind, instinctive path to a fully conscious, proactive one.

Today – as a result of the overwhelming historic experience, evidence – we started to accept that we could live in a perfect world if it was not for our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, greedy and hateful nature, which distorts, corrupts even the best ideologies, systems.

As a result of this “revelation of evil” in us – although obviously we cannot consider our nature we received from evolution “evil/sinful” – we can finally use our unique Human ability for critical self-assessment, self-change. And by using the right, purposeful and practical method we can gradually refine, tune ourselves until we fully adapt to and integrate into the perfect Natural system we exist in.

Then as a result of this proactive integration we will attain “Nature’s Universal Mind”, receiving and understanding the infinite knowledge and the precise, intelligent plan of evolution found in Nature. Thus we become the “Crowns of Creation” as planned.

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