Accessing Nature’s “Cosmic Google” Search

Question: What emotions occur for you when a question isn’t answered?

Answer: An unanswered question causes frustration, like an unfulfilled hunger, yearning.

A question always signals a need,a need that needs to be fulfilled, thus when no answer comes it increases the need which we “decode” as pain.

We are not aware of this consciously but our whole life is a giant Q&A session as needs, questions arise constantly and we wait for their answer, fulfillment. All our frustrations, pain, problems in life originates from “unanswered questions”.

How easy it would be if we could just turn with our questions, needs to a single, Natural source – like a “cosmic Google” – where we could always download the right answers from!

Actually as Kabbalists – unique, empirical, Natural scientists that attained Nature’s complete system with its “theory of everything” – tell us, we have the ability to turn to, connect to such a perfect, infinite, natural source. But in order to do so we have to become compatible with it – through a positive, mutually responsible and mutually complementing integration in between us.

After all this unique source represents the fully integrated and interdependent natural system and any connection can unfold only through the similarity, compatibility in between the two parties.

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