Regarding Purpose Of Life Our Agreement, Consent Will Come At The End

Question: What is the purpose of life, did we agree to it before coming?

Answer: No we did not agree to it, nobody asked us to sign a contract before we came to this world!

Nevertheless we have a very precise, predetermined purpose as outlined in Nature’s plan of evolution. And today we exist in a generation when we are obliged to show interest in this purpose and start learning, then fulfilling it.

Moreover if we do not do it willingly, hastily; Nature will put pressure on us in the form of crisis situations, individual and collective suffering until we give up our stubborn resistance and start learning how to fulfill our special cogwheel role in the system.

This sounds quite cruel most of us would agree.

Still when we finally come to it, and started acting as expected, we will understand why it had to unfold this way. From that final, most optimal “truly Human state” – observing Nature’s system as if we ourselves created and governed it as a result of the unique education we received – everything will look as a tense but enjoyable movie, thriller, an incredible adventure we have just completed.

We will have no doubt that the system and its plan is perfect, and has always been perfect!

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