Purposeful Adventure

Question: What else do you do other than go to the backyard and kill ants on purpose as a revenge for other stuff that makes you angry?

Answer: Thank you for the idea, I haven’t thought of the “ant thing” before!

If we want to deal with such situations in a slightly less destructive manner we would need to thrive to understand the reason, purpose of what is happening to us.

If we assume – I do assume as a result of studying “THE Instruction Guide To Reality” – that our world is a closed, predetermined, purposeful system, driven by a single, intelligent evolutionary plan that determines each and every detail, cause and effect process from the beginning of development to its most optimal final goal, then by studying the system we can come to understand that there are no “good vs bad”, sweet vs bitter” things, events, only purposeful ones.

Then although the world, and its events, processes stay the same without changes, how we perceive it, how we experience life changes completely! Everything becomes a great adventure as we consciously progress from state to state we already understand and anticipate.

Then we can leave even the ants alone…

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