Actual, Tangible Sensations Instead Of Belief

Question: Why do you think it is that there are so many religions that believe the same basic ideas but still have so many wars and disagreements and look down on each other? Also do you believe that a moral person of a different religion can go to heaven?

Answer: The problem is that all the religions only believe those basic ideas, they speak and write about them but they do not actually feel and know them. This is why while we speak about peace and love, we actually practice hatred and war.

Thus instead of groundless belief we need actual attainment, actual emotional impressions of the “godly qualities” of selfless, altruistic, unconditional love and service of others. We need to put “love others as yourself” into actual practice in order to build fair, peaceful, prosperous and sustainable societies.

And since these “godly qualities” are directly opposite, repulsive to our original selfish, egoistic and hateful human nature, instead of the usual religions that are based on “blind faith” we need a unique, practical science that offers “faith above reason”, an actual, tangible, scientific attainment above our inherent mind and reason.

Then we will all be able to follow what religions preach, but in actual practice.

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