A Natural Human Upgrade

Question: How long will it take until people start to wake up to what’s really going on? How long in until people start to realize that no one can save us but us?

Answer: I almost agree with you! It is high time we woke up as we are blindly sleepwalking towards a global meltdown. We can trigger this meltdown from multiple different trigger points and this unfortunate even could start any moment!

But if we could save ourselves we would have done so far. We have tried all permutations of political, social, economic systems, our present civilization failed with the best looking options of liberal democracy and free market capitalism.

We can’t save ourselves as our inherent nature is 100% egoistic, selfish, hateful and greedy. Even if we tried all of us together we would fail since in our “data-bank”, “operating software” there is no other solution, program but ruthless, exclusive competition, success at the expense of others, exploiting everything and everybody for selfish benefit like cancer until inevitable self-destruction!

If we want to solve our problems, if we want to survive we need “external help”. While this sounds mystical, science fiction or religious it is not so.

We received our inherently egoistic, destructive nature from Nature’s evolution. We were “released into production” in a raw, unfinished form purposefully. Humanity is supposed to become the “crown of creation”, we are supposed to become the most important, fully conscious, partnering element of the whole cosmic, natural system!

This is why we had to develop egoistically until reaching the present dead end, so we could realize that we need to change, that we need an upgrade to our nature that will allow us to unite and work, mutually together above and against our nature. But the upgrade has to come from Nature’s evolution, the only force-field, acting force in reality that can give and govern life and change.

It is this clear, scrutinized need, request that we have to get to. We do not need to say, pray, write anything. We need to arrive to a very great, all-encompassing, mutual inner need for such fundamental self-change. This inner need, convincing desire for survival through changing ourselves – which can neutralize our egoistic software – will unlock a dormant, natural software fragment in us – like a hidden, so far unused DNA fragment – that will complete, upgrade our operating software allowing us to progress in a benevolent way forward.

Our free choice is to come to this conscious, mutual desire at least in a small but critical mass of Humanity. The rest will unfold naturally!

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