Holding Two Reins: Putting The Good Against The Bad

Question: Do you acknowledge both the good and bad in your life?

Answer: Yes, or at least this is what I am learning how to do. Moreover we need to learn how to hold onto, assess both good and bad at the same time, as if holding two reins in our hands. Then in between opposite contrasts we can start perceiving reality in a transparent, objective way “in the middle”, instead of constantly, helplessly falling either to the good or to the bad side.

This can happen only by entering a unique, purposeful environment, where everybody is aimed at reaching this special, objective, independent viewpoint, above instinctive reaction, Human observer point. In such en environment we can pinpoint, maintain and magnify an overall goal, purpose in life. As a result everything – good or bad – becomes purposeful milestones, measuring, research opportunities towards reaching our desired goal, purpose

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