Living in Duality

Question: Have you ever led a double life? If so when and how?

Answer: I haven’t led a double life as we usually consider it.

On the other hand we are required to learn how to life a “double life”, that can give us a completely new outlook on life, providing us with a completely new, upgraded consciousness.

By default we live according to our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature that locks us into a fully introverted, subjective perception of reality. As a result we see a very limited, egocentric world, where only perceive what is important for our own, personal, day to day survival.

In order to acquire a true, objective, complete picture of reality we need to develop a new, selfless, transparent viewpoint that is completely independent of our original one. We achieve this new viewpoint in a unique “laboratory” – group – through purposeful, methodical self-annulment towards other, equally committed people.

The original selfish, egoistic viewpoint does not disappear but gives us the necessary background, contrast for comparative research. Then in the contrast of the two viewpoints we can put together a true, objective, complete picture.

This acquired contrast, duality raises us to the truly Human level of evolution

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