Happily Paying Extra For Friendship

Question: What is something that you would gladly overpay for?

Answer: It depends on importance. Anybody would “overpay” for something that is the most important thing in one’s life.

And since we receive values, importance, goals from the environment we exist in, what we would overpay for also depends on the environment. Whatever is “in fashion”, whatever is projected to us by the society as the “most valuable, important” thing, we happily make 100% efforts for it and pay much more than its true, intrinsic value.

Personally I entered an environment where people make 100% efforts in order to find out the true “meaning of life”, where they support, complement each other in order to reveal and fulfill their Human purpose in life. In this environment I would happily “overpay” to “buy a friend” (through inner efforts, personal concessions, support, positive example), to strengthen our mutual connections, unity through which we can reach our mutual, collective goal

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