Learning To Love Others

Question: What is the easiest thing to do but the hardest to maintain?

Answer: Love. It is easy to fall in love. The first “infatuation” is supported by hormones, instincts, environmental factors.

But to maintain love, moreover to build a life long marriage on that first infatuation is very difficult. After all how is it possible to keep two inherently self-serving, self-adoring, self-justifying together, forcing them to make constant adjustments, compromises?!

Thus without the right education we can’t convert that first infatuation, hormonal love into “true love”, when the two absolute egoists exit their self-loving, self-serving spheres and start selflessly, unconditionally serve the desires, necessities of the others.

Then they reveal an unprecedented sense of bond, love in between them that didn’t originate in either of them, but was born through their mutual self-annulment towards one another

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