Emotional Beings

Question: Why do some people think that facts care about their feelings?

Answer: We are emotional beings, contrary to our proud belief in our mind, in our intellectual capabilities, we relate to reality in a completely emotional, sentient manner.

We all know what “humanized” relationship we build to our completely instinctive, “natural” pets, but even towards our cars, computers, phones, houses as if they also had feelings, as we simply cannot relate to anything without such a “mutual” emotional relationship.

Without such reciprocal emotional bond we simply can’t perceive anything even if the returning emotions from such “lifeless” objects is the creatures of our own mind, imagination.

We constantly scan reality in a purely sentient manner measuring the reflections like an emotional radar assessing whether those things we scanned are good or bad, sweet or bitter, beloved or hated by us, according to our inherently egocentric “pleasure/pain software”.

There are no facts, absolute standards, we assess, compute everything in a 100% egocentric, 100% manner according to the feelings those “facts” evoke in us.

This determines everything in life, in fact the world we see is nothing else but our own personal, emotional “thermal map”.

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