Practical Implementation

Question: What do you believe is the most underrated philosophical saying that rings true today?

Answer: I have to say that in my opinion if a “philosophical saying” becomes true, that means that it is not philosophical any more but it has become practical Wisdom.

For thousands of years we have treated the saying of “Love your neighbor as yourself” as an “empty philosophy”, a religious or mystical slogan, as we all thought that although it sounds nice – and all religions, spiritual teachings adopted this “saying” in some form – it is impossible to put into actual practice, since we are incapable of loving another as ourselves (moreover as the original interpretation warns the principle in practice means loving the other more than myself…).

But here we are, evolved into a globally integrated and interdependent world, where we are inevitably sleepwalking into a global meltdown, that might wipe out Humankind due to our inability to build true, mutually responsible and mutually complementing connections with one another.

Without such connections – that need to be built on top of, against our instinctive distrust, hatred towards one another, above the inherent vast differences in between people that cannot be erased – we will never solve our global problems and survive.

So it turns out that the “nice, philosophical saying” of “Love another as yourself (more than yourself)” is actually a scientific formula, gained directly from Nature’s perfect system. This principle is the “humanized version” of nature’s most fundamental, absolutely necessary “iron” law for sustaining balance and homeostasis in a closed, Natural system in between diverse, seemingly incompatible elements.

This is why today the ancient, practical, scientific method – that is built on the original, life giving principle of Nature – is openly available, as our generation which truly needs the method which was written thousands of years ago is in great need.

This is not a “theoretical science” like all “classical sciences” are becoming, in our desperate helplessness as reality slips through our fingers. This is a true, empirical science that is our Instruction Guide to Reality, if we want to take our fate into our own hands and if we want to collectively survive.

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