Happiness Through Connection Against Depression

Question: What are some ways to have happiness back in our depressing world?

Answer: The only way to acquire true happiness and escape emptiness, depression is to build true, positive, purposeful, mutually supportive and mutually complementing relationship with others, preferably in a a group, environment as the more people the “merrier”.

We feel empty, we sense depression – apart from clinical depression that needs medical care – because we lack direction, purpose, because we are aimlessly stumbling from failures to failures. A purposeful environment can provide us with goals and with the constant inspiration, strengthening and the tools to achieve those goals.

Moreover true happiness is also a collective emotional impression, not an individual one. We sense happiness when through the proper, selfless, mutually fulfilling connections we build with each other – where everybody aims at giving others fulfillment, forgetting about themselves – we start feeling nature’s single, life-giving, evolutionary force flowing through.

We decode this feeling as “infinite happiness”, which has nothing to with us, we simply enjoy as this sense streams from one to another, observing perfection without touching it.

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