It’s Good To Be Childish!

Question: What was the hardest thing to learn from a student or child?

Answer: I would mention two things.

Children, young students naturally,instinctively are capable of accepting each day as new, in complete renewal, emptying their “vessels”, their previous knowledge, experience in order to learn everything again from scratch. They still do not have the stubborn pride that prevents adults to go through the same renewal, “emptying” themselves of previous experiences, knowledge.

Children and young students also find it much easier to annul themselves before their teacher. As wise people wrote “only a smaller can receive anything from a greater, moreover only a smaller is capable of accepting the mind, teaching of a greater.

We greatly need these two attributes in order to progress in life, renewing, upgrading, reinventing ourselves all the time! But this is very difficult as our inherently self-justifying, proud, individualistic, egocentric nature – which is fully developed in adult age – is very much against both those discernment.

Only in a unique, purposeful, mutually supportive and mutually complementing environment can we relearn how to empty and subjugate ourselves against our nature.

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