Let’s Micro-Date!… Really?!

Question: What is something that’s underrated in this day and age? Answer: In this day and age, when only superficial, fake looks, actions are taken into consideration, when we measure everything through material possessions, through one’s monetary worth, the most underrated thing is “Human connection”. We think we connect through social media, that we have … More Let’s Micro-Date!… Really?!

Lost Education

Question: Which generation stopped teaching compassion, decency, and manners to their children? Answer: In terms of education it started with the industrial revolution, when education became a “factory” for churning out workers to produce goods. In modern education, media brainwashing we are adding to it “creating” good consumers who also buy those goods. As our … More Lost Education

Motivating Others Through Positive Example

Question: How do you motivate people to do good for others? Answer: Only with positive example. There is no other way of “convincing”, motivating, leading others but by showing “shining”, positive example. Especially when we do this in a purposefully built, mutually supportive, mutually complementing environment, the positive example can utilize our instinctive attributes of … More Motivating Others Through Positive Example