Spiritual Enlightenment Starting With Plato’s Cave…

Question: What’s the polar opposite of spiritual enlightenment?

Answer: The polar opposite of spiritual enlightenment is exactly where we are with our inherently self-centered, self-serving, self-justifying, egoistic and subjective nature.

With our instinctive behaviour and worldview we are locked inside a very limited, false, introverted reality, like plays Plato’s Cave, perceiving, judging the world through some distorted shadows we receive through our individual, subjective senses, computed by a mind that serves an egocentric, pleasure/pain software.

“Spiritual enlightenment” or attainment is not something mystical, airy. It is a tangible, empirical, scientific examination, realistic attainment of the world through an improved, upgraded, selfless and objective “truly Human” point of view.

But without starting from the polar opposite direction, without holding onto the contrast, we wouldn’t know for certain, we couldn’t verify when we actually reached “spiritual enlightenment”!

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