Solution For Unemployment

Question: Can any government solve ‘Unemployment problem’? Answer: Unemployment is “out of our hands”, it’s inevitable due to technological advances and the progressing “crisis” which will return Humanity to a necessary, heathy, natural production, consumption level. What governments should be dealing with, plan for is what to do with the billions of people who remain … More Solution For Unemployment

Productive Retirement

Question: Do you think the fear of running out of money in retirement is overblown? Answer: If that money relates to securing one’s basic, natural, healthy and modern necessities, then this fear, concern is not overblown. And we know how much people in retirement struggle to make ends meet in many countries, regardless of their … More Productive Retirement

Emotional Beings

Question: Why do some people think that facts care about their feelings? Answer: We are emotional beings, contrary to our proud belief in our mind, in our intellectual capabilities, we relate to reality in a completely emotional, sentient manner. We all know what “humanized” relationship we build to our completely instinctive, “natural” pets, but even … More Emotional Beings

Teaching Unemployed Humanity The Real Work In Life

Question: If society as a whole stopped spending on frivolous things, would that create more jobs or less jobs? Would there be more or less distributed wealth? Answer: At the moment we could say that 90% of global Human production and consumption is obsolete. But this is not in order to keep people working, it … More Teaching Unemployed Humanity The Real Work In Life