Teaching Unemployed Humanity The Real Work In Life

Question: If society as a whole stopped spending on frivolous things, would that create more jobs or less jobs? Would there be more or less distributed wealth?

Answer: At the moment we could say that 90% of global Human production and consumption is obsolete. But this is not in order to keep people working, it is simply to produce profit for a small minority while dripping some benefit down to the rest.

Regardless of what we want or not want as a result of the engulfing crisis – which is inevitable as our artificial, aggregate demand based overproduction is unnatural, thus it has no right to exist in a precisely governed, closed, fully integrated Natural system – and technological advancement mass unemployment of billions of people is inevitable.

According to certain calculations about 10–15% of the people can easily produce what would provide a comfortable, modern, natural Human life to 8, or even 12–15 billion people.

So what can we do with those unemployed billions and how do we build a fairer, more peaceful and sustainable Human society all across the globe?

Through education.

We need to enroll everybody in a unique, life-long, practical, emotionally engaging “global/integral education” teaching people the system of reality, its intelligent evolutionary plan and how we can all seamlessly adapt, integrate into the plan in order to reach our unique individual and collective Human purpose in life.

Being Human means finding our mutually complementing, useful role, place in the system of Humanity and within Nature. This does not necessarily mean physical work with our hands and legs.

Building positive, mutually responsible and mutually complementing Human connections above and against our inherently selfish, egoistic and hateful nature is the real work! This is what we need to learn and practice.

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