The Work That Brings True Happiness, Satisfaction

Question: As a man, do you agree that your job satisfaction and thus the success of you efforts at work make you the most happy and satisfied?

Answer: Yes and no.

If we consider the work we do in our usual workplace, I would not agree that this makes me the most happy and satisfied even if everything goes well. It is true that it is extremely important that one feels useful, successfully contributing to the whole, finding an optimally complementing role in society.

But I do not think this is enough to make one happy and satisfied.

True happiness, satisfaction is a mutual emotional impression that comes from mutually supportive and mutually complementing Human connections. Now work – or any other physical activity we do together – is part of this, working together, succeeding together is a tool, “vehicle” through which we can appreciate the connections and the mutuality.

But the point is not what we do, what we gain, what profit we make. The point that causes happiness, satisfaction is the sense of unity, mutual connection itself, especially since making those connection is THE “true work”!

We have to work very hard to build mutually responsible and mutually complementing connections over and against our inherently selfish, egoistic and hateful nature that does everything possible to prevent those connections.

Thus it is this work that brings the most happiness and satisfaction!

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