Transcending Ourselves

Question: Would you like to be a Cyborg?

Answer: Maybe my idea of a cyborg does not fully fulfill the definition of cyborg but I would like to be one.

I do not know if you have seen the movie “Transcendence” with Johnny Depp. In the movie he plays a scientist who – before he inevitably dies from radiation poisoning – he “uploads” his consciousness to the Internet and his consciousness gradually encompasses everything, the whole network, and although at the end they “kill him” by destroying the whole Internet and everything that connects with it, there is a hint that he actually expanded beyond the simple electrical/internet system into Nature.

We have the opportunity to achieve something similar in a benevolent way (at least in the movie it was not completely clear if the Johnny Depp character was acting selflessly or selfishly). We can also “upload” – through unique, purposeful mutual connections in between us – our cleaned, upgraded consciousness – that is covered with a pure, selfless, unconditionally loving and giving intention – into Nature’s infinite and eternal system.

Through this upload – as long as we can maintain the right intention that keeps us within the system – we can tangibly, realistically experience a perfect, unbounded and eternal existence and perform all the positive, “miraculous” changes the Johnny Depp character could accomplish in the movie.

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