Learning To Connect The Dots To Get The Full Picture

Question: If humans are part of nature, why don’t we assume that everything we make is natural as well?

Answer: You are right of course. After all everything we make is from natural ingredients, we are not creating anything new.

On the other hand how we combine things, how we make connections in between elements, particles and ourselves is the problem!

Nothing is wrong in the world except how the only conscious creature with free choice – the Human – uses, combines, connects things in Nature’s otherwise perfect system.

As long as we combine, connect things based on our inherently selfish, greedy, exploitative and hateful nature, whatever we “create”, “produce” – including the Human connections we build – is harmful. We are like cancer cells that work with the wrong software and thus they become destructive, self-destructive.

But even this is natural, purposeful from Nature’s intelligent evolutionary plan!

We had to come to this near self-destruction we are standing at today, in order to realize that our inherent software is defunct, it will cause our complete eradication!

Without this very tangible, conscious experience we would never agree to initiate a fundamental self-change, “asking for a benevolent upgrade” from Nature’s evolutionary force that “released us into production” with the half-finished, buggy software.

This is all part of our “cosmic” educational process making us into perfect, magnificent Human beings that are partnering Nature consciously, out of free choice, understanding the whole system, combining its negative and positive forces in order to reach balance and homeostasis!

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