Learning To Read Mind In Order To Survive

Question: If humans evolved the faculty to read minds, how long do you think we would last?

Answer: Forever.

“Reading minds”, developing a true emphatic ability, existing through the desires, thoughts, needs and viewpoints of one another is our only way for collective survival.

Only a single, mutually complementing, mutually responsible Human “super-organism” – that is operating a collective intelligence – can find a way to solve problems and prosper, develop in a completely integrated and fully interdependent natural system.

Do not worry, there is a “fail-safe” mechanism in this process. Only those will be able to develop this unique ability “to read minds” who already refined, upgraded their intention to selfless, altruistic love and service of others.

In other words only those will be able to feel others whose only intention is to love and serve those others. Those who can’t, do not want to consciously develop this ability through the appropriate intention by the right, purposeful, practical education, will stay outside and slowly disappear in the flow of evolution.

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