At Crucial Crossroads

Question: Does political office always negatively effect/drag down idealists and hopefull people who wish to “change the system”?

Answer: Our present world with all of its ideologies, structures is built on our inherently egoistic, self-serving, self-justifying and introverted nature. In an egoistic system everything returns to itself, to serve the ego.

Thus – as we can now see it in a complete historic flow – even the best ideas, plans, inventions become gradually distorted, corrupted until the system returns to dictatorship, oppressive, self-serving mode. Today we are witnessing day to day how the best looking system of liberal democracy and free market capitalism is destroying itself slowly degenerating into an oppressive, fascistic system from both the “right” and the “left”.

These vicious cycles will continue until we wipe ourselves out, unless finally we had enough and use our unique, Human free choice to start changing ourselves instead of changing others and the world around us.

Only by methodically, purposefully changing, upgrading our inherent nature – through the right, purposeful, practical educational method – will we be able to solve our desperate situation and facilitate a collective Human survival. We are standing at crossroads, and the decision we make here will decide our fate.

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