Perfect Accomplishment By Asking What We Need

Question: Are all human beings capable of accomplishing ‘anything’ they put their minds to if they desire it enough?

Answer: This is not a simple question at all.

Our matter, the engine that drives us is an insatiable desire for existence, for pleasures. Consciously, unconsciously this desire burns in us and we are constantly in need, we are constantly wanting, requesting something.

If we didn’t have this desire for pleasures, existence we would not exist, we wouldn’t perceive a world around us. We perceive reality as long we draw it towards ourselves through this “primordial desire” for fulfillment.

Do we always get what we want?

We always receive an answer, a fulfillment, but it might not be exactly what we “had in mind”.


Because the system we exist in is not random. The Natural Universe is “running” on an intelligent, predetermined evolutionary plan, which also has a clearly assigned, unique Human role for all of us.

So we can reach a state when whatever we put our mind to will come true – as long as we want to achieve exactly what the unique evolutionary plan expects from us.

Thus all we have to do is to study and understand the plan.

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